BonTon21®'s philosophy is expressed in its name:
Good Manners in the 21°century.

Speed  in the  internet and social media era has caused an enormous change both in  handling of  social and private relations as well as in habits,  communication and related wording, too.

Nowadays life is often complicated  by  a constant evolving environment, quickly changing situations, constant update of news and information and moreover by our  countless needs.

Even today the way we behave makes a great deal of difference although during the 70's "good manners" has been a synonym of old generation and therefore neglected by youngsters.

On the contrary, over the years and even today good manners and social etiquette are still  important because they create an impression about your personality .

There is a growing demand on acquiring etiquette skillsboth in business as in social life.

BonTon21®'s mission is meeting these needs by providing contemporary etiquette trainings.

BonTon21® courses  will help you feel more comfortable in different social situations and at work .

Our courses are interactive, pleasant and you will experience , learn and apply the rules of social and Business Etiquette.

Good Manners and Business Etiquette Courses are held in Milan and all over Italy.  

BonTon 21®:  Good and Modern Manners, Social Etiquette, Table Manners and Business Etiquette Courses for everyone.

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