Business Etiquette Course Basic

LIVE Business Etiquette Workshops and Courses
will start again from June, 2021.
Alternatively we offer Taylor made Business Etiquette Webinars on request.

Successful corporate relations always respect the rules of “business etiquette”. 

A Harvard - Stanford study conclude that one's success ( particularly in the workspace) is based
on 85 % social skills and less than 15 % tecnical skills...

Good manners in business: a set of principles which teach how best to handle the numerous working situations.

In order to succeed in business,  professionalism isn't enough, 
the knowledge and application of business etiquette rules is equally crucial.

How do I  make a good impression? How do I use business cards? How do I behave abroad?

These are only some of the topics tackled in this course which addresses everyone who 
wishes to improve the use of good manners in business and at work.

“People are expected to act courteous and professional since they can be considered as the business card of a company.” Knigge Akademie

The Business Etiquette Course can be customized on the basis of  corporate or personal needs and  embedded into a wider team building project.

Business Etiquette Workshop Topics -Proposal:

• First Impression 
• Greeting and Introducing  
• Titles and Qualifications 
• Body Language 
• Use of Business Cards
• Dress Code
• How to relate with co-workers, colleagues and superiors
• Cell- Phone an E-Mail
• Behaviour during Meetings
• Business Lunch
• Verbal  and non-verbal communication 

Course Length  :  4 hours 
Cost per Participant :   240€ + VAT

Number of Participants : min 4 – max 8

Language : Italian

BonTon21® Business Etiquette Courses and Workshops will start again from June, 2021.

Where: c/o Business Lounge - Viale Gran Sasso 11,  Milano

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